Orchids In-Situ

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Bulbophyllum vaginatum growing in abundant on a tree about 150 metres from the seashore.

There's so many Bulbophyllum vaginatum growing on this tree, they practically covered the trunks and even spread to the surrounding sandy soil that is covered with leaf litters.

A massive colony of Thrixspermum calceolus seems to cover the whole tree trunk as well.

Oberonia sp. attached to a tree trunk at about eye-level.

A small unknown orchid species that looks like a Doritis attached to a tree trunk about 3 feet from the ground.

Dendrobium crumenatum seems to be growing everywhere in this sandy bushes. This one is growing at about 4 feet from the ground. Notice some miniature bulbophyllums on the top right.

Another interesting unknown orchid species.

Pomatocalpa spicata at about eye level. Looks like quite a floriferous specimen based on its dried inflorescences.

Yet another Pomatocalpa spicata.

Looks like an Eria based on the look of their pseudobulbs but with succulent leaves resembling a Bulbophyllum. Click here to see their flowers

A Dendrobium secundum seedling. This species is also found in abundance in the vicinity.

A nice colony of Dendrobium hymenanthum growing only about 1 foot from the ground.

A clump of Dendrobium indivisum growing on a tree in the hotel area we were staying.