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Welcome to my orchid photo website and here's a bit about myself...

I were bitten by the orchid bug fairly recent i.e. since the year 2000. I started like most people with some hybrids orchids sold by general nurseries. Wanting to know how to properly take care of my few orchids, I started doing research on the Internet. Then I realised that there are so many orchids in this world and seeing pictures of orchids on numerous webpages, especially species, made me wanting to get many of them. Several years and much $$$ later, I think I have currently about 1,000 orchids (I lost count at 800) mainly species and yet I still find myself wanting to get more of these beautiful orchids. :-)

I hope all of you will enjoy the pictures featured. I try my best to present the orchids in their full glory and hopefully you got smitten by it.


I got numerous e-mails asking me what sort of equipments that I used to take these pictures. Here are a full list of equipments I'm using:-

The most used items are the camera, of course, fitted with the EF 100mm f2.8 Macro USM lens + Canon 500D Closeup Adapter on the tripod with the Angle Finder. Most pictures are taken using natural light as a preference.


Recently, I got to know that some people have been using my pictures without my approval for various activities including selling orchids on e-Bay. I'm definitely not please with this as I have spent a lot of time to prepare the best pictures within my ability to be appreciated by all and spending my own $$$ to host this website. I do not allow any of the images featured on my website to be copied/downloaded etc. in any manner whatsoever without my express written consent.

If you would like to use my pictures for profit making activities, feel free to contact me via email to discuss pricing and terms.


Apart from my orchids, I also takes photos of other subjects and some of my works can be viewed at my Flickr page below:-


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I can be reached via email at : vortex.orchid"at"gmail"dot"com. Please replace "at" with @ and "dot" with . to reveal my true e-mail address.

Have a nice day.

Nik Fahmi

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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